Ways to Work Towards Your Healing

This community is all about healing and growing together no matter if you are just beginning your healing journey or years into it.
My work here is to create a safe space and to give you as many tools as possible for your healing journey.
Here you will find different types of resources created through the psychological, spiritual and physical lens (with a little hint of feminism because I can’t stand the rules that were created for women).
Please do not hesitate to use whatever you find here and contact me if you have any questions or just need someone to talk to.


Here you will find a variety of healing resources that you can choose according to your needs, desires, availability, and financial situation. The resources are put in order from the lowest price (free journal templates) to the most expensive (1:1 conversation).

Free Journal Templates

Journaling is one of the most effective ways to stop, recognise, identify, call out, accept, work with it and heal the wounds. If done with full attention, honesty and compassion it can become one of the greatest healing tool you will ever find.

I gathered what I’ve learned and created beautiful and easy to use journal templates that might be helpful for you.

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Inspirational Letters

Every Monday I will send you a short letter with inspirational tips and all the good things to help you find more joy in life. In your weekly email you will receive insights, quotes and advices that helped me to open up, accept myself, and learn, and grow. Making small changes in your daily life can liberate you from fear, anxiety, doubt, and insecurities, and finally, feel happy and free.

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I believe that journaling is one of the best ways to go through your worries. Creating a habit of writing down all the things that is on your mind, your fears, anxious thoughts is a step of acknowledging and accepting whatever comes. After that – comes a relief and freedom. But I believe that it has to be a continuous process that’s why I created 60 and 90 day journals that might help to go deeper and become better.

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60 Minute Conversation

While on the healing journey we all are searching for answers, but sometimes it happens that we don’t even know what the question is! Talk to me about it! Let’s create a safe space for you to let go of your worries, name your fears and call out the confusion. Let me help you to untangle the things you are struggling to get through.

I will also provide you with journal templates, exercises, reading material, and all the things that I will find be useful for you.

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Self- Healing Masterclass

Imagine having a continuous reminder of why you are on this path, motivation to continue and an endless usage of tools provided. A mixture of video, audio, reading material and writing tools, all in one place about Self-Healing and Self-Love.

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