Portugal is one of those countries that is easy to fall in love.

Located on the westernmost point of Europe it is a land full of history, delicious food, beautiful nature and sunshine.

I remember only one friend who was saying that Portugal was their dream country, I found cheap flights years later and I dream of going back there ever since.

Portugal’s landscape is breathtaking – in the south there are many coastal hiking opportunities and beaches to relax on, while in the north you are greeted by charming little towns and friendly locals.

Language: official language is Portuguese.

Currency: official currency is Euro.

Best Time to Visit: the best time to visit Portugal is in spring, from April and May when the country and nature are waking up after the winter. Also in the autumn, from September to November, it’s still warm and pleasant to stay outdoors.

Credit Cards and ATMs: Many places accept card payments and there are plenty of ATMs across Portugal, even in small towns.

Safety: I felt very safe as a solo female traveller in southern Portugal, the Algarve region. Although the nights in Lisbon were a bit different – many young drunk people at night and many strange men selling drugs on every corner.

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