Motivation is the force that is driving us to achieve our goals. It is the reason or the ‘why’ we want to do one thing or another. Just sometimes, no matter how hard we would try to keep working for our dreams we find ourselves refreshing Youtube home page and doing absolutely nothing for it!

10 reasons why you should visit India

Are you having second thoughts about travelling to India? Don't worry, I had it too, but I done that anyway and I regret nothing. If you need a little push - read this post. I wrote everything what I love about India and why you should visit it too.

A night in the Desert

If you want and adventure that you will never forget - take an overnight desert safari while visiting Jaisalmer! Absolutely incredible experience! Sleeping under the stars and waking up with amazing sunrise views to the golden sand dunes!

Jodhpur Travel Guide

Did you know that you can find blue city in India? Yes yes, BLUE! City of Jodhpur is called a Blue City and it's pretty amazing to be honest. Even though I had a few not so nice adventures while staying in Jodhpur, this city has a magic on its own. A few days here are more than enough and you can find what to do here.

Jaipur Travel Guide

Even if we can't travel now, we can plan our future trips! Jaipur is one of the must visit city in India and you should definitely involve it in your upcoming trip! Here's a guide for your Pink city visit!

How to spend 2 days in Delhi, India

Daily life, Old Delhi, India If you’re travelling in India and thinking how many days you should spent in it’s capital Delhi I will tell you my honest opinion - not more then 3 days. Seriously. I don’t know if I had this opinion based on bad first impression or that I don’t really like... Continue Reading →

2 days in Lagos, Algarve

If you’re planning to visit Algarve you can’t miss it’s famous town - Lagos! Lagos is a really charming city with stunning beaches, a fascinating historic centre and buzzing nightlife. A little bit of everything for everyone's taste!  This town definitely needs more time to explore but if you planning to visit for a few... Continue Reading →

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