How can you help yourself whenever you feel stuck, you feel sad, or angry. How can you help yourself when you don’t know what to do? How can you help yourself when you don’t understand why you feel one way or another? How can you help yourself when you feel that you need help? And more importantly, Is it really possible to help yourself??? Read here. … More HOW TO HELP YOURSELF?


Limiting beliefs are the beliefs that stop us from pursuing our dreams or achieving our goals. Limiting beliefs are thoughts that we believe to be the truth. Limiting beliefs might have a lot of negative impact on our lives as it is formed in our subconscious mind. Great news are that it is possible to rewire those thought patterns and free ourselves from those negative limiting beliefs and start creating the life of your dreams. … More HOW TO OVERCOME LIMITING BELIEFS?


Have you ever wondered why sometimes you start doing something and then suddenly stop without any clear reason? When I’ve noticed that instead of reaching some kind of my goals I turn against myself and do completely opposite, I realised that I needed to dig deeper into understanding what the hell is happening here. … More ABOUT SELF-SABOTAGE