Our lives become like a battlefield. We are constantly fighting to prove to others that we live better than them. We show how much we have, how much we earn, how amazing our life is. And yet, competing and comparing doesn’t feel like happiness at all.


Sometimes it’s very easy to change your life – pack a bag, change your name, buy a flight ticket to foreign country and start a new life there. But to create a real and long lasting change we need to be bold enough to get out of our comfort zones and make it happen..

Gratitude. Why it is important and how to involve it in your life

Gratitude is one of the key things to start living a life full of joy and happiness. Wanna now why? I wrote everything what I think you should know about gratitude and how to involve it in your life.

How to fall in love with yourself

I was thinking what to write for quite a few days, writing is a new thing for me and it’s harder than I thought it will be. Especially writing about personal things, deeper thoughts and struggles. But I think that’s the journey of our life – to do things that makes you scared a littleContinue reading “How to fall in love with yourself”