Have you ever wondered why sometimes you start doing something and then suddenly stop without any clear reason? When I’ve noticed that instead of reaching some kind of my goals I turn against myself and do completely opposite, I realised that I needed to dig deeper into understanding what the hell is happening here.


Motivation is the force that is driving us to achieve our goals. It is the reason or the ‘why’ we want to do one thing or another. Just sometimes, no matter how hard we would try to keep working for our dreams we find ourselves refreshing Youtube home page and doing absolutely nothing for it!


Our lives become like a battlefield. We are constantly fighting to prove to others that we live better than them. We show how much we have, how much we earn, how amazing our life is. And yet, competing and comparing doesn’t feel like happiness at all.


We all are going through something in our personal lives that change our inner state of being. Negative emotions can arise and go away naturally without any effort, but sometimes we need a little extra help to pick ourselves back up again. So here I share a few things that helps me to get back on track!

Solitude and Loneliness. How to be alone and happy.

I always want to write about things that I know, that I experienced, that I’ve been through, and everything what is coming from the bottom of my heart. So when I was thinking what should I write next this came up – how did I manage to stay alive from being unhappy in relationship toContinue reading “Solitude and Loneliness. How to be alone and happy.”

Daily Routines. Is it important?

I bet you heard people saying that routine is not a good thing. I bet you heard about ‘work-home-work-home’ routine or maybe that’s your daily life? It’s actually very hard to run away from this routine especially when you don’t know where to go, what to do, how to make a step to your dreamContinue reading “Daily Routines. Is it important?”

Gratitude. Why it is important and how to involve it in your life

Gratitude is one of the key things to start living a life full of joy and happiness. Wanna now why? I wrote everything what I think you should know about gratitude and how to involve it in your life.