Have you ever wondered why sometimes you start doing something and then suddenly stop without any clear reason? When I’ve noticed that instead of reaching some kind of my goals I turn against myself and do completely opposite, I realised that I needed to dig deeper into understanding what the hell is happening here.


Motivation is the force that is driving us to achieve our goals. It is the reason or the ‘why’ we want to do one thing or another. Just sometimes, no matter how hard we would try to keep working for our dreams we find ourselves refreshing Youtube home page and doing absolutely nothing for it!


Sometimes it’s very easy to change your life – pack a bag, change your name, buy a flight ticket to foreign country and start a new life there. But to create a real and long lasting change we need to be bold enough to get out of our comfort zones and make it happen..


I believe that our thoughts and emotions are one of the most difficult things to handle, and often we hide from it because we don’t know how to deal with it. Especially when all our lives we hear the phrases like ‘you are too sensitive’, get over it’, ‘it could be worse’.

Daily Routines. Is it important?

I bet you heard people saying that routine is not a good thing. I bet you heard about ‘work-home-work-home’ routine or maybe that’s your daily life? It’s actually very hard to run away from this routine especially when you don’t know where to go, what to do, how to make a step to your dreamContinue reading “Daily Routines. Is it important?”

Lithuanian chocolate and biscuit dessert ”Tinginys” (Lazyman)

So one day I was craving for something sweet and chocolaty and fluffy and nice, you know what I mean… And I remembered one Lithuanian dessert – it is made with condensed milk, butter, cacao or chocolate and lots of biscuits or crackers, sometimes nuts nuts. Very similar to rocky road here in England butContinue reading “Lithuanian chocolate and biscuit dessert ”Tinginys” (Lazyman)”

2 days in Lagos, Algarve

If you’re planning to visit Algarve you can’t miss it’s famous town – Lagos! Lagos is a really charming city with stunning beaches, a fascinating historic centre and buzzing nightlife. A little bit of everything for everyone’s taste!  This town definitely needs more time to explore but if you planning to visit for a fewContinue reading “2 days in Lagos, Algarve”