Hi, I’m Dovile! It’s an honour and a gift to be sharing this space with you. I am from Lithuania and I recently quit my job in a hotel in United Kingdom and started travelling. Since I was a young girl I dreamt about seeing the whole world, and it is still my dream to this day.

I created this space to help people with their travels. I want to show that it is not as difficult to plan the trip as it first seems and it’s not that scary to travel alone.

Here you will find all kinds of travel guides full of useful information, travel tips and tricks, unique places and dreamy destinations. I pour all my heart into writing, I don’t want you to miss anything and have the best time exploring the world.

I also created this space where you can come and be as you are. As a soul who most of her life didn’t know who she was, I am aware that life might feel very heavy sometimes. For long long years, I was searching for answers – who I am, what I want, what should I do, where to go, what to choose. I was looking for answers everywhere but with time I had less willingness to search and more questions to discover.

The feeling of worthlessness, longing, not feeling enough. Life felt so empty and pointless. I thought I was broken.

After years of drowning in my own worries clueless about what should I do, I got the sense that I have to improve and fix myself. And with all of those struggles I came to an understanding, that I was whole all along. There is nothing to develop, nothing to improve, nothing to fix. It’s not me, but my thoughts were shifted. I was just stuck in the wrong mental space.

I found that the way we see ourselves is formed by the social norms, culture, rules, environment, family, and friends that build up our world. Our external world influences our inner world. And the external world can be savage. Can feel savage. We absorb the signals, we act in models, and we imitate behaviour, even if it doesn’t align with the one we are. And that’s where we break.

That’s what I want to give you – the chance to understand that you are not broken. You just didn’t have a path to look at yourself from a different angle.

There is a way to create a sense of calm, peace, ease, and stillness. To align with your inner self and flow like a river in the endless universe. That sense of fulfilment and freedom.

The answers are already inside of each of us, all we need to do is to let go of the walls we created. Let me help you to do that. Let me help you to find your light.

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