Beautiful sandy beaches, stunning rock formations, and turquoise-blue water sound good to be true, right? But yes, it is real and it is called Phi Phi islands!

Phi Phi Islands are located somewhere between Phuket and Krabi on the Andaman Sea and have a total of six islands.

The main island (Koh Phi Phi Don) is known to be a dreamy destination due to its stunning nature, perfect weather and lively nightlife. Even though it’s a group of small islands, it has plenty of things to offer for travellers, from modern accommodation and delicious food to snorkelling with stunning scenery and partying the night away.

If you travel to Phi Phi Islands for a bit longer than a day tour from Krabi or Phuket, then here’s a 3-day itinerary for Koh Phi Phi:

DAY 1.

Let’s say you arrive on the island from Krabi or Phuket around lunchtime. Pay your 20 baht entering fee and walk all the way to the main street. Find your way to the hotel to check-in and settle in.

Head to The Mango Garden for delicious coffee and breakfast (maybe mango sticky rice too) and make your way to Viewpoints 1, 2 and 3.

The Viewpoints are the perfect spots to see the magical view overlooking Phi Phi Don Island. Viewpoint 1 is located 334 steep steps away from the little street behind Chaokoh Road. It is a memorial park for the Tsunami that struck in 2004. It is very pretty and tidy with a chance to take pictures near a giant sign saying ‘I LOVE PHI PHI’. Entry costs 30 baht. Cash only.

To find Viewpoint 2 you will need to follow the footpath that is slightly going up the hill. Here you will find an open wooden deck where you can take pictures, many rocks to sit around and enjoy the view, cafe with a rooftop terrace to grab a refreshing drink or a snack.

Breathtaking view of Koh Phi Phi horizon from Viewpoint 2

The less crowded Viewpoint 3 is a 15-minute walk away from Viewpoint 2. You will find a small path behind the restaurant. The hike there will be more in nature with a tiny dirt road, but there are many signs along the way so you won’t get lost. The view from this point is stunning as well. It costs 20 baht to enter and there is a little cafe/shop there as well.

Whenever you’re ready, head back to Loh Dalum beach to enjoy some beach time and explore the Ton Sai Village.

Have dinner at Papaya Restaurant and head for some cocktails to Bottom’s Up.

DAY 2.

The best way to explore Phi Phi Islands is to have a day trip with a longtail boat to the surrounding islands.

You will find that a lot of sellers offer similar day trips. It can be half-day and full-day tours with longtail boats or speedboats. Most of them will include visiting the famous Maya Bay and Pi Leh Lagoon. They might also take you to Bamboo Island, Monkey Bay, and snorkelling at Shark Point. Many day trips offer to watch the sunset from the boat and swim with fluorescent plankton later at night.

Read more about the best things to do in Koh Phi Phi here.

Prices also vary from seller to seller, it might be from 800 baht to whatever. I usually ask at my accommodation and then ask around before settling on one tour package, maybe another person will sell the same thing but at a better price. But be sure to book it a day before the trip!

NOTE: The 400 baht entrance fee to Maya Bay and Bamboo Island might be included in your trip or you have to pay separately.

Of course, you can hire a longtail boat by yourself and adjust the itinerary according to your wishes. That gives you more freedom and privacy, but it will be a bit more expensive than the joined tours with other travellers.

Another option for party lovers is to join one of the party boats! There is a Bob’s Booze Cruise and Pirate Boat that offers unlimited drinks and good vibes while cruising around.

After the tour end your evening at Phi Phi Chill Lay Bar & Restaurant.

DAY 3.

Wake up early in the morning, rent a kayak and visit Nui Bay and Monkey Beach.

Grab breakfast at Khrua Khao Hom Thai Cuisine and go beach hopping! There are a lot of beaches on Phi Phi Don Island that are worth visiting!

You can start at Ton Sai beach which is located next to the Ton Sai Pier and then follow the main street to reach Viking beach. It is a lovely beach just a short 15-minute walk away from the Ton Sai Village. It is pretty quiet in there, with just a few people relaxing and walking by.

When you’re ready, follow the little footpath leading to the jungle to reach Long Beach. This trek will take around 15 minutes from Viking beach and you will end up at a pretty long white powdery sand beach with crystal clear water and a relaxed atmosphere. At the far end of the beach, you will be able to see the Shark Point and maybe spot one if you’re lucky!

After that, follow the path going inland from Phi Phi Long Beach Resort & Villa, near Shark Point and you will end up at Loh Moo Dee Beach. It secluded white sand beach and is another perfect spot to relax and snorkel.

Read more about the Best Beaches in Koh Phi Phi here.

End your evening with delicious food at October Cafe and maybe a few cocktails and a fire show at Slinky’s Bar.

So here is a sample of the Phi Phi Island itinerary. You can change it, move things around, add other activities, and do everything that your heart wants to do!

Longtail Boats on Koh Phi Phi Island

Don’t forget to read some tips for travelling to Koh Phi Phi here and a complete guide to visiting Koh Phi Phi.

Let me know if you have any questions!







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