While August is counting the last minutes and every human being naturally seeks to absorb the last warm rays of sunshine, the end of the summer brings a little bit of sadness into our world.  You can feel the temperature outside isn’t as pleasant as it was. It’s getting dark so much earlier and it’s not as light in the morning as it was. Oh and there is nothing better than wrapping up as a burrito in a soft blanket and having a nap while heavy raindrops are dancing outside of the window.

Fall is here. For me, since a very young age,  the 1st of September was like a curse… It was the beginning of the new school year, and who wants to go back to dusty old classrooms with hundred millions of homework everyday? Nobody. But I can tell you, that feeling of the new beginning that this day brings, I have until this day.

Or maybe it’s just the change of the seasons that inspires me to reflect on my life and deeply rethink where I am and where I want to be?

Which is not the most pleasant task I could give to myself… I think you will agree that it’s not easy to evaluate your current situation and to understand where you are, and decide if you need to change your plan, and then finally take actions on starting a new chapter of your life. But I think you will also agree, that sometimes it is necessary.

How do we know when it’s time to start a new chapter?

New beginnings don’t have to be on a set date. The best and worst example is that we are fooling ourselves every year thinking that on 1st of January we will become new people and the new life will begin (sorry for being harsh). But there are some signs when we start thinking about a new chapter for a few reasons:

  • some events made us reflect on our current position. It might be death or illness. Or any other event when we realise our mortality and start questioning our lives.
  • we start feeling that the current situation doesn’t align with what we truly are or what we truly want. It might come like a gut feeling or intuition that something isn’t right, or isn’t like we would want it to be. 

‘There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning.’  – Louis L’Amour

Why do we avoid to change?

To be very straightforward – we are creatures of habit. We attach to our routines, we like what is familiar, what is nice and comfortable. We like to be in our self-created safe and peaceful space, where everything is the same. Starting something new isn’t like that! New beginnings require a change, or become different, which is threatening us, and when we face it – our natural instinct is to protect the space where we are for whatever reason we are doing that.

New beginnings are a struggle for all of us. Change requires a lot of our energy and effort to switch the deeply rooted old mindset of who you are and how you have to live. Which also doesn’t help to live the life you always wanted to live. Starting a new chapter requires you to get out of your comfort zone, and mindfully choose to change EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. It is challenging and requires a new you. It requires you to grow and show up for yourself no matter what.

How to create a change?

Sometimes it’s very easy to change your life – pack a bag, change your name, buy a flight ticket to foreign country and go. 

But when running away doesn’t sound like a plan, the real and sustainable change requires a bit of work. It is actually a lot of thinking and rethinking about you current life, about people around you, about your own state of being. Which might seem a bit difficult, but it’s definitely not a mission impossible!

  • Identify your vision.  Ask yourself – Where do you want to be in your life or what do you want to change? Why? 
    There are times when we feel that we need a change, but we can’t understand what drives us to think like that. Those few questions might help to understand which part of your life needs to change, and most importantly – why do you want it to change. The real WHY is very important and this deep understanding what is happening inside of you and why you have a desire for a new chapter, will help to make better choices and create long lasting changes.
  • Identify your current reality. Ask yourself – Where are you standing now? Why are you here? Is it working for you? Does it spark joy in you or not? 
    Critically evaluating your current position will let you know if you really need to start a new chapter or you are bored. Don’t be afraid to go deep, because the deeper you go, the clearer your reason will be, the more chance you will make a permanent change, not a temporary distraction or entertainment.
  • Set goals, create a plan. Ask yourself – What are my goals? How am I going to make it? What actions need to be taken to achieve the goal? 
    After a deep evaluation of your life and identifying where you want to be, there is a time where the true goals have to be set, smart plans have to be made and real actions have to be taken. Even though it might be scary sometimes, you need to remember that it’s just the first step that is the hardest. The change you started is to make your life better, not worse.

I created a simple yet functional digital MONTHLY PLANNER that includes a minimalist to-do list, and daily, weekly and monthly pages. This planner is designed to help you better manage and plan your time and provide you with a better overview of what is ahead in the coming weeks.

It is an undated planner so you can reuse it forever.

  • Make it happen. Because if you’re not gonna work for it, nobody will work for it.

”Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.”

– Robin Sharma

New chapters might be scary, might be challenging and hard. It force you to get out of comfortable and familiar space, be brave and create a difference. It requires to face yor biggest fears, points out weaknesses and demands to show up anyway. It makes you grow.

Sometimes there is no need for a change. You are happy exactly where you are and with what you have. That’s the goal isn’t it? But sometimes you have to be bold enough to admit that you want a change and take a step to create it. Take a step towards a better life. 

Question yourself. Evaluate your current life. See if you are holding on to some people or things or ideas or images that don’t serve you anymore. Acknowledge it and walk away with kindness and grace. 

Life is all about the change and the beginning is always today.

Remember to be kind to yourself.

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