Why should you travel after Lockdown?

That’s not another cliche article about travel! Or maybe it is. Haha. Read it till the end and let me know if it is or isn’t.

I am sure you heard people saying that travelling changes you. There are so many blogs and articles that can throw hundred thousand reasons to your face why you should pack your bags and go explore the unknown. But then you question yourself, how can you drop everything you have and leave the comfortable and cosy life that you create by working in a place that you don’t really love or thinking about your future plans which includes fulfilling other people’s expectations more than living your own dreams. And there is another questions – WHY you should be thinking about it?

Does it sound familiar? If you said yes, then that’s exactly why you should travel! 

When life becomes so comfortable that you feel stuck no matter what you do. When you feel drained after a few hours of work. When you forget what it means to be happy with no reason. When you don’t understand if you control your life or the life controls you. You have to pack your bags and go. 

Here are the main reasons why you should travel: 

1. Freedom. While travelling already sounds like an activity that just being ‘wild and free’ is doing, it definitely creates infinite possibilities to detach for those who aren’t so adventurous. Exploring the world will help to break the chains from work that you don’t love, from relationships and friendships that don’t have a place in your future, from other people expectations, from activities that doesn’t fill your soul and from everything that does or doesn’t make sense in your life. Not only do you set your body free from physical and material attachments, but you also set your soul free from everything that doesn’t support your personal flourishing and growth.

2. Escape from the routine. And all the other thoughts that don’t work.
It’s not a secret that most people are waiting for the weekend because they want to escape from their daily routines, from their work, from school or university studies, or from that constant thinking about what’s next, which, by the way, never ever ends and never leads to a better place. So why waste another day or moment of your precious life that you have when you can just quit that never ending cycle and enjoy life as it is, without any rules? Travel gives you some time to forget about that boring and energy sucking routine, and most important – come back more inspired and with a brand new and fresh perception of life. 

3. Create space. Diving into unknown adventures often leads to facing unusual and most of the time unexpected challenges. In other words – you never know what is waiting for you around the corner. But here you have a very good lesson to learn – do not try to hold on to things or dreams or hopes or expectations or worries or anything else that you’re holding on. Life is all about adventures and experiences, but we can’t see the best of it because of all the negative opinions that we are attached to. Travelling really helps to take a step back and create some space between you and your thoughts about life or how it is supposed to be, which will help you to enjoy your life more than you could imagine.  

4. See the world like the very first time. When you come back – you will never look at the same things with the same thoughts you had. The same room will feel different. The same faces will look different. Everything that was so familiar will be seen as something that you knew but also so distant and new. It’s a great way to recreate your thoughts about certain things in your life.

5. Find your light. Yes I included my blog name as a reason haha (no shame at all). Travelling in general is an eye opening and thought changing experience. No matter how hard you would try to deny this – after the long journey exploring mystical lands, the same life you had will never be the same again. Or at least it will feel different. And that is all for the best. You will meet amazing people, you will see good and bad, you will have more confidence, you will be more courageous, adventurous, kind, and most importantly – you will come back with a bigger heart and more love for yourself and others. The slight change inside of you might lead to a big twist in your life, discovering new purpose, setting new goals, and creating life full of meaning and happiness.

What else can I say? Go lose yourself in the world at least for a month. And go somewhere where you haven’t been before and know no one around. Go alone or with a friend that you know well (and get along very very well). And go travelling, not a 5 star all-inclusive holiday. Take a step out of your comfort zone and experience the real beauty of this world.

And watch how you become a new you!


Are you ready to pack your bags?






2 responses to “Why should you travel after Lockdown?”

  1. Nikhar Avatar

    very rightly said. Completely agree with you. Love all your posts and followed your blog for such future posts.


    1. findthelightt Avatar

      Thank you so much!


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