Sitting at home don’t have to be boring! If you think there is so much what you can do while you’re self-isolating from everything what’s happening in the world. This virus hit us all unexpectedly and now it’s even better to stay indoors to protect yourself, your family, other people and to stop this spread once and for all.

I love these lines: 

‘It is hauntingly beautiful
how the whole world
has come together 
separately’ - Shefali Dang

This social distancing and self-isolation time for some people will be more challenging than for others as now there is a need to find something to do (boredom is no good at all) and it will be unusual! I think the hardest part is that we don’t have any hobbies these days, did you notice that? Ok, I lied, we have a good hobby that unites us – binge watching tv series, but hey, after one week of eating in bed and watching all seasons of every possible show you will be bored of that too. Anyway, if this whole situation makes you feel lost or scared or sad or exhausted, just try to calm down, you are not alone in this, we all struggle. Instead use this time for activities that you’ve been always wanting to do but never had time to!

And if you’re not really sure where you should start here is a list how to keep yourself busy and don’t get crazy in this self-isolation time:

1.Clean your drawers. Yes yes. Those drawers or cupboard shelves that you wanted to clean since the beginning of this century. Organise your wardrobe, get rid of an old unuseful stuff (pack away some for charity shops for later when life will get back to normal), clean the attic or garage. This is the time. You are not rushing anywhere. No more excuses.

2. Read books. We always say that we will read on our days off or on holiday because we have no time now, we are very busy with work and kids and other (imaginary) stuff. But now you literally have no excuse for that so go and take one from that dusty shelf and read a bit. It will take your mind to a better place, help you to relax and forget what is happening in the world and books always teaches you something new no matter which is amazing for your self-growth. 

3. Journal. It might sound silly for some, but trust me journaling is the best thing if you want to continue living as a sane person and it really puts your mind in a right place. Everyday, let’s say in the evening or in the morning, write something what’s on your mind, what are your plans, or to do list, or maybe a list what to watch, maybe some thoughts about the article or book you read, or write a love letter to yourself. Literally anything. Just write.
If you want it to be more interesting – call it ‘COVID-19 Quarantine Story’, that should keep you entertained for a while. I’m not saying to track and write all the infected countries, dates when the borders were shut or number of deaths day by day, it’s more about how you feel that day, what you found out about yourself or your partner, what you’ve done, or what recipe you found and tested. This would be a really interesting and more important true story to read for your grandchildren or even other people in the future.

4. Practise gratitude. I always say that even in the dark times we should always find light and love. Gratitude is a tool to attract more positivity in your life (which we really need that right now). If you are grateful for what you have instead of crying what you don’t have you will see a massive change in your daily life. Read more about gratitude here. 

5. Listen to a podcast. It might sound boring but I thing after 3 days of watching movies in your bed and eating all the quarantine snacks at once you will get bored of this type of activity. So I would recommend finding a nice, inspiring, positive, teaching podcast that would fill your soul with good energy. I would recommend starting with Jay Shetty or GaryVee.

6. Dance and sing. Yep. That’s my advice. Go crazy a little bit. Staying in one place, not moving much, all the bad news around and boredom might get you in a bad place but dancing, singing and going a tiny bit nuts is a very good way of releasing all the bad energy and relaxing your mind.

8. Develop your morning and evening routines. I wrote an article about importance of daily routines here (go and check it out!) and I can say that it is the perfect time to create one for yourself. Days and weeks or even months at home will be a challenge, we all know that, so make this life a bit easier for yourself. Daily routines will light up some purpose in your day, it will help to reduce stress, improves sleep quality and it will help you to focus more on improving yourself (which is amazing!).

9. Exercise. Remember when you told 2020 will be ‘the year’ and that you will start exercising on 1st of January but then you suddenly got very busy, then all the work situation, chores, kids and etc? Now the situation is perfect to start doing that finally! Youtube is full of short, long, intense, light workouts, dance classes, yoga practises and other good stuff! Your body needs that! You need that! You will be happier, your body will feel lighter, and after a few months you will feel even better when you see how far you come and how strong you are.

10. Find a new hobby. There are a few other things that you can do at home: painting, sewing, knitting, writing, making a scrapbook, mandala colouring book, doing sudoku, crosswords, playing video games, learning a new language, yoga, meditation, gardening, dancing, singing, cooking, online course for photography, digital marketing, editing videos, investing… You have time to do it all and maybe find something new to you. It’s boring just if you want to be bored.

10. Love yourself. You need to love and take care of yourself all the times not just now but I had to remind you that! Treat yourself with a face mask, self-massage, bubble bath or maybe a glass (or two) of wine. Or maybe a day of doing absolutely nothing and not feeling guilty about it. Love yourself in the way you would love and take care of someone else. This time is for you.

I really hope that this list will help you to get through this social distancing period. Don’t forget to check up on your family, friends and other people around you. If we have to isolate ourselves physically it doesn’t mean that we have to lose contact with others.

Take care of yourself and be safe!

Remember to be kind to yourself.

I created a simple yet functional digital MONTHLY PLANNER that includes a minimalist to-do list, and daily, weekly and monthly pages. This planner is designed to help you better manage and plan your time and provide you with a better overview of what is ahead in the coming weeks.

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