Do you know that feeling when a certain type of food makes you really excited? Or is it just me who puts food in front of everything? Anyway, I believe that a lot of people like one or another kind of food and they buy it or cook something special for various occasions (like when you’re happy or sad or tired or you just want comfort food).

Personally my happy food are pancakes (it really wasn’t mentioned in the title). 

You know it actually used to be pizza(!) but since I am eating more plant-based food it switched to pancakes. Of course, I really miss that awesome feeling when it’s Friday night, you go to buy your favourite pizza with that thin and crisp base and greasy melted cheese followed by a bottle or two of white beer (yep… white beer) and a pack of crisps. That was the perfect moment of my life quite a few years ago. But everything just went the other way turned around like 180 and now I am standing here in front of my stove at 7 am in the morning with an enormously big plate of pancakes. That’s my perfect moment these days.

You know, I find it very sad that not even one of the cafes or restaurants that I’ve been to that says ‘vegetarian and vegan food’ does the most simple dessert on this planet – banana pancakes. They would definitely have a loyal client (me) but oh well…

What I was talking about? Oh yes, pancakes. So my favourite pancakes are full of natural flavour which I really adore. I have to be honest, the first time I tried doing banana pancakes was 3-4 years ago when we with my ex-partner decided to go on a diet and eat clean food. I don’t know if you can imagine how horrible it was… All batter went straight into the bin… Since then I didn’t even want to talk or think about banana pancakes. It was such a deep disappointment back then. But a few years later (maybe 3 or 4)  when I quit on dairy and all animal products, I thought I need to try again. I tried once, twice, three times and now I am an actual pro at this! No no no, I am joking. Sometimes it really goes bad but that’s what I like doing in the kitchen – experiments. Lots of experiments! If you never risk adding or taking out one or another ingredient you will never find your own cooking style (that’s what she says).

So my plant-based (or vegan) banana pancake journey started from simply mixing (mashed) bananas with blended oats (or oat flour). I like that crumbly texture that oats give to pancakes. What about the measurements? For me, honestly, the best pancakes are when the mixture is a bit dry. Like imagine a normal pancake batter – you’re taking a spoon out of the pot and all of it is running out. My top favourite batter is when it sticks to the spoon. And I also find that it’s easier to cook the pancakes when the batter is a little bit thicker than we are used to. You know no matter what people will say, cooking without eggs are a tricky thang and you have to find substitutes and measurements by yourself. 

Anyway, do you think my recipe stayed the same since the first time? Not really. I started adding all kinds of stuff – cocoa powder, soya yoghurt, coconut milk, berries, protein powders, collagen, soda and baking powder, cinnamon, vanilla extract, milled flax seeds and chia seeds and so on and on and on… Oh. My. God. How many extras I have added to my pancakes? But I developed the recipe with time and now most of the time banana pancake batter looks like that:

1 large very ripe banana

½ cup of oats (use gluten free)

1 tbsp milled flax seeds

1 scoop of protein powder (currently using BulkPowders vanilla vegan blend)

1 tsp baking powder 

½ cup plant based milk (any type I have that day)

1 tsp vanilla extract (sometimes more)

How to? Very simple. Add everything to the blender and mix it until smooth. Usually I leave batter to stand for maybe 10-15 minutes. But I think it’s plenty of time if you just wait until your pan will get hot. 

When cooking – look for the bubbles. When you see bubbles coming out, that means your pancake is ready to be flipped over.

So that’s my favourite pancake recipe that I have for this moment. Maybe with years, I will develop another and better one. But I hope that you will try this recipe at least once and let me know what you think. Even if you’re not following a vegan or plant-based diet. It’s a good and healthy dessert option too!

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