Journey to Minimalism

There is a good quote that says it all: “People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used.” But is it possible to reverse that?

30 self-discovery questions to ask yourself

Life is a journey. It is all about adventures, exploring the unknown, and getting lost in new experiences. But besides that we tend to forget that one of the most important part of this journey is the opportunity of a self-discovery. Getting to know yourself will not only make you feel happier, but also might help you to find a new path that you truly want to go.

Why should you travel after Lockdown?

When life becomes so comfortable that you feel stuck no matter what you do. When you feel drained after a few hours of work. When you forget what it means to be happy with no reason. When you don’t understand if you control your life or the life controls you. You have to pack your bags and go.

The most common scams in India and how to avoid them

Scams are really common thing in India, I had a chance to experience it and many travellers that I met on my way experienced it too, but as long as you know a few of them ahead of time - you might end up not being involved in any after all (or at least just a little bit)!

10 reasons why you should visit India

Are you having second thoughts about travelling to India? Don't worry, I had it too, but I done that anyway and I regret nothing. If you need a little push - read this post. I wrote everything what I love about India and why you should visit it too.

First time in Jaisalmer

While visiting India's state of Rajasthan you can't skip its famous Golden City - Jaisalmer. Rich in history, one of the view 'living forts', desert safari and much more! I wrote a few words how you can spend a few days here so you would have an unforgetable experience!

A night in the Desert

If you want and adventure that you will never forget - take an overnight desert safari while visiting Jaisalmer! Absolutely incredible experience! Sleeping under the stars and waking up with amazing sunrise views to the golden sand dunes!

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