True happiness is found in little things

Healthy mind – healthy life

You spend most of your time inside of your head, so it is very important to create a space where it’s nice to be. 


Happiness is in those small little things – a cup of coffee, a picture of the beach, a strangers smile, a positive self-talk. So let’s be happy now!

If everything around you seems dark, look again, you may be the light.



hand holding a coffee cup in a blanket


How can you help yourself whenever you feel stuck, you feel sad, or angry. How can you help yourself when you don’t know what to do? How can you help yourself when you don’t understand why you feel one way or another? How can you help yourself when you feel that you need help? And more importantly, Is it really possible to help yourself??? Read here. … More HOW TO HELP YOURSELF?

young woman sitting in lotus position with a hand holding a head


Your inner child is a real part of your subconscious mind. As a child, your deepest needs are to be seen, loved, and kept safe. When these needs aren’t met, you create Inner Child wounds. Wounded inner child, it needs your love, care and compassion. Healing your inner child is uncovering and releasing those childlike acts, painful emotions that were created by traumatic experiences and reframing your behaviour so that you could start making decisions and respond to challenges as an adult, not as a kid. … More HEALING YOUR INNER CHILD


I believe that in order to move forward we should work on what we do every day. Those small little actions, habits and routines. And a little planning is the key here. And there is no better time to plan than at the end/beginning of the month. … More PREPARING FOR A NEW MONTH

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The child that you’ve been once still lives inside of you. And this child is the reason why it might be so hard for you to live a normal happy life. You might notice that you have some sort of reactions to certain situations that were unconsciously brought from your childhood. … More INNER CHILD. WHAT IS THAT?


FOMO, or “Fear Of Missing Out” is a compulsive desire to experience something (or be somewhere) motivated not by what you gain, but rather by the fear of what you will potentially lose. FOMO is that never-ending cycle of thoughts that you would be happier somewhere else. You have a belief that everyone has their grand moments and yours it’s just there around the corner, so you chase that because you don’t want to lose it. … More FEAR OF MISSING OUT. WHAT IS THAT AND HOW TO MINIMISE IT?

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Do you know how sometimes your life runs away from you? We get caught up in everyday living, the rush and tension lead to never-ending exhaustion, not to mention surviving the drama and worries at work or home. But it is possible to get out of this never-ending circle. How? Find out here! … More MINDFUL LIVING

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Limiting beliefs are the beliefs that stop us from pursuing our dreams or achieving our goals. Limiting beliefs are thoughts that we believe to be the truth. Limiting beliefs might have a lot of negative impact on our lives as it is formed in our subconscious mind. Great news are that it is possible to rewire those thought patterns and free ourselves from those negative limiting beliefs and start creating the life of your dreams. … More HOW TO OVERCOME LIMITING BELIEFS?


We don’t try and arrange that meeting, we don’t send that email, we don’t invite that person. We don’t draw the line. We are being pushed around, we say no, we say yes, we do everything for all the rest. Self-doubt is a sneaky little monster that appears in your head as a silent voice and starts wrestling with your confidence and targets your insecurities. … More HOW TO OVERCOME SELF-DOUBT?


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young woman sitting in lotus position with a hand holding a head

Happiness is just around the corner, all you need to do is let it in.

Every Monday I’ll write a short letter with inspirational tips and all the good things to help you find more joy in life. I will send you some insights into what helped me to open up, learn, and grow. I will show that making small changes in your daily life can liberate you from fear, anxiety, doubt, and insecurities, and finally, feel happy and free.
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